This page is primarily devoted to research and studies in relation to popular music and love, with a particular focus on Indie music.

Dissertation working title: Fugitive Phrases: Love, Indie Rock and the Music of Arcade Fire

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the interdisciplinary Humanities program at York University, Toronto.

Working abstract:

This dissertation explore the idea of passionate romantic love in contemporary love songs, touching on ideas such as the courtly lover, the complexities of the relationship between the aesthetics of indie rock and erotic pleasure, the relationship between music, love and memory, forgetting and time; and the uncanny musical revenant through an analysis of a selection of music from the Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire. Nikolas Luhmann’s theory of passionate love as a system of communication and theories of psychoanalysis as developed by Jacques Lacan and Slajov Žižek are leveraged to show how music forms an amorous semantic communication network which works to resolve, or at least aid on some level, the paradox that is passionate love.