W.P. Scott Chair in E-Librarianship

The W.P. Scott Chair in E-Librarianship is an endowed research chair and the first and only one of its kind in Canada. The Chair was developed to “promote and accelerate innovative research in libraries” in relation to the digital. For more information about the chair see the York University Library page.

The project, currently titled: Sounding it Out: The Mariposa Folk Festival and a Linked Open Data Digital Library Prototype, will use library collections at York University and Linked Open Data to develop a series of discovery prototypes. The project is both practice-based and critical. The overarching goal of the project is to create a series of experimental, rhizomatic digital networks through the development of LOD prototypes of archival material related to the Mariposa Folk Festival. These prototypes will surface the multitude of relationships and contextual information normally silent in library catalogues and conceptualize this data in a fundamentally different way by activating the rich possibilities of Semantic Web technologies. Models currently being explored for the prototypes include the sonification of the network, and a network conceptualized around ideas of memory, narrative and time.

 Upcoming Papers and Presentations

International Association of Music Libraries and Documentation Centres Annual Meeting, New York, June 2015

LODLAM 2015, University of West Sydney, Sydney, Australia, June 2015

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, Sydney, Australia, June 2015